Counting sheep takes on a whole new meaning!

Another night tossing and turning. Underlying those thoughts? Self-doubt. Second-guessing yourself.  Chasing perfectionism. Paralyzed by over-thinking.

Those who know you ~ your spouse, friends, family, co-workers, they view you as “having it all together”, yet inside, you struggle to tame that inner critic that’s been bullying you for years and who keeps you up tossing and turning at night.  I coach women to bridge the gap between how others view them and how they view themselves.

I’m not sure about you, but for me, life appears shorter now than it did in my 20’s. In the end, do you want to go down a list of  “I should have’s” or “If only”, or “I could have” all a result of not having stepped into things you want just because that inner voice of your’s has been a bully to you? 

You can learn how to handle the fear, worry, and loneliness caused by self-doubt that has been keeping you away from your JOY. You know what you want, it’s your way of thinking that is getting in your way.  And I am sorry, but another self-help book or podcast isn’t what you need.  Sure, they will give you tools, but tools will only give you potential power. To have the ultimate power to make those shifts and tweaks and changes you want to make calls for knowing how to use those tools. 

  • It’s time to learn the “how-to’s”
  • To gain an accountability partner,
  • To feel supported,
  • To experience a bit of hand-holding and (I’ll say it),
  • Get a kick in the pants from time to time that you want or aren’t getting from friends or family. 


If the challenge or problem you are facing can be solved by taking action, then you don’t have a problem.

Not everyone needs psychotherapy but we can all use an advocate by our side to ask us the tough questions in order to start moving forward. Our coaching will be future-focused, targeting solutions, not problems. I’m here to coach you through the thoughts and feelings that have kept you stuck and stepping into action. Change is an inside job and if you are ready to commit to change, and a path to get you there, you need me.  I will ask you the kind of questions you aren’t asking yourself and help you take action toward your goals.  Our work will be action-focused, balanced between talk and tangible “takeaway” tools and techniques you can utilize after you leave our calls. By the end of our work each week, you will feel empowered, confident and capable.

I invite you to schedule a no-cost, no obligation 30-minute call as your first step to explore working together.

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