Are you a  woman who feels like something’s missing in your life?

To other’s, your life might look just fine, but you feel anything but, fine.

I am committed to joining women on their journey toward growth, healing and moving forward through life’s transitions in creative and life-affirming ways.

If you’ve lost track of an important part of yourself,  ambivalent about your career or of the direction your life is going in, or perhaps struggling with past negative life events that impact you, I can help provide a safe and supportive space to help guide you through the places where you feel stuck.

Although you can’t change your past, together we can better understand and resolve your current life challenges. In deciding what you want your future to look like, together we will work on creating a roadmap, working collaboratively to stay the course to get you to where you want to go.


Women who are challenged with:

Wanting to connect with their “purpose”, their “why”

Experiencing work, career and professional burnout

Mild Depression


Stress Management

Creating work-life balance

Life transitions

Women who are helping professional’s who may feel lost in their work, emotionally fatigued or finding it hard to connect outside of the office.


I am a psychotherapist and certified life coach that works with women, such as you, to see their worth, to know their value and envision their life the way they want, on their terms, inside my office so that they can live that life beyond my office doors.  Our work will be balanced between talk and tangible “take-a-way” tools and techniques. By the end of our work each week, you will see yourself as empowered, confident and capable.

I invite you to schedule a no-cost 15-minute call as your first step to explore working together.

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