You Won’t Remember What You Worried About

You will remember what you didn’t do – and how worry and fear and self-doubt, kept you away from what perhaps was your JOY…

Stop Being a Bully to Yourself!

Got an inner critic inside of you who bullies you to no end about who she thinks you are?   Does she speak to you in a way you wouldn’t dream of speaking to anyone you know?  Time to put an end to her critical chatter. After all, what would it mean to you to actually find out she has been wrong all this time?  Change is an inside job but you don’t have to remain alone through the process. Get into your thoughts and get out of your own way!

Not Everyone Needs Psychotherapy

I provide online coaching that will be future-focused and target solutions, not problems.  Coaching is for mentally healthy people who know they are capable of more but aren’t acting on it. There is something holding them back and they don’t know how to figure it out on their own. They’ve tried but remain stuck.  Sound familiar?

If you want to change, and a path to get you there, you need me.  I will ask you the kind of questions you aren’t asking yourself and help you take action toward your goals.  Our work will be action-focused, balanced between talk and tangible “takeaway” tools and techniques you can utilize after you leave our calls. By the end of our work each week, you will feel empowered, confident and capable.

I invite you to schedule a no-cost, no obligation 30-minute call as your first step to explore working together.

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