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Coaching vs. Mental Health

It is my belief that not everyone needs psychotherapy or is suffering from a mental health disorder or illness. 

Coaching is future-focused, targeting solutions, not problems. Driven by goals & taking action, coaching is a collaboration, working together on equal footing.  In coaching, YOU are the expert on you. I firmly believe you know where you want to land. I ask you the questions but you draw on your answers to connect the dots to get you where you want to go.

The goal of Psychotherapy is to treat mental illness and behavioral issues and symptoms that are a result of diagnosed mental health conditions. Coaching is NOT a substitute for psychotherapy or counseling, and coaching is NOT a treatment for a  mental health condition.

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a process, not a to-do list. Your heart's telling you what you want, need, where you want to go.   It’s the thoughts that are getting in your way. We look at those. We find out where you are now, what you want to create, and what needs to shift in order to make it happen.

Coaching puts you in the driver’s seat in your life. You will understand how to make your life better. It’s your personal process of becoming more, becoming better and creating exactly what you want.

Why Do I Need a Coach?

This is probably the most asked question, with the simplest answer – EVERYONE can benefit.  Whether you are a CEO of a company, CEO of your family or retired from your (first) career looking to create another, the truth is that everyone benefits from coaching. Have you ever met a top athlete without a coach?  Of course not. They need a coach because they are completely invested in where they are going.

Most of us struggle with self-sabotaging, self-limiting, and thoughts of doubt. And in doing so, we aren’t fully showing up for ourselves, stepping into a full life and getting the results we want to attain.  Most of us have lived in our bodies so long we have lost objective perspective on who we are, what we have within to make our vision possible. The possibilities are limitless.

Why Coach Online?

Because you have 10 places to be during your day and why spend one of them meeting in an office when you can meet in the convenience and privacy of your own home, office or other location of your choice

We meet during a day and time convenient to you. A laptop, desktop, or phone, is all you need.

How Will You Work as My Coach?

I partner with you in an interactive and thought-provoking, creative process.  This partnership is built on accountability and responsibility with you. Setting goals, having a vision for oneself is key but just as imperative is the ability to take small baby steps and be “in action” toward attaining your goals.  Isn’t that the (accountability) partnership you want?

What is Your Style and Approach?

I am proactive, motivating, and solution-focused. Active vs. passive. Encouraging without pressuring. I am fairly directive given I am your accountability partner (but yes, I will hold your hand along the way!). YOU are the expert about You and. I am the expert on how to help you meet yourself and see yourself as capable, competent and empowered. I am an expert on helping you get out of YOUR way.  I ask the questions but you identify your own answers  – my goal is to teach you how to learn to self-coach as you move your life forward.

What Types of Services Do You Provide?

Individual Coaching

Group Coaching

Click here for more information on the types of services I offer.

What is the Typical Length of Time You See a Client?

Each client is on their own individual journey, and we will always have an ongoing conversation as to when you feel ready to terminate. I invite you to allow yourself 3 months in this process because change takes time and it’s an inside job. 

I invite you to schedule a no-cost, 20-minute coaching call, my gift to you, to experience being coached.

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