Write it Down!

Sounds at All Familiar?

Many of my clients have 3 fundamental things in common:

1 - They are lost in the weeds of their thoughts: Thought spinning, thought spiraling, overthinking.

2 – Because of their thought overwhelm, they have a hard time verbally articulating what they are thinking, keeping them paralyzed and out of action toward the goals they envision; and

3 – They are better writers by nature. They can dig deeper and access their emotions more easily through the flow of writing them out.

I routinely hear: 

· “I had so much to say before our session, now I can’t find the words”,

· “I can’t seem to clearly articulate what I am thinking.”

· “I’m tongue-tied today” or,

·  “Can I bring my journal one day to the session so you get a better idea of what I've been thinking since we last met?"

How often have you had every intention to come to your scheduled appointment to communicate something specific only to leave realizing you forgot to mention it altogether? Finding the words to articulate your thought process within your scheduled time can only add to your anxiety and overwhelm.

It Began Organically

Coaching through writing came about after working with several coaching clients who were traveling abroad for work and couldn’t rely on having internet accessibility to meet for their weekly virtual coaching sessions.   As a Plan B, through email, they would chronicle their thoughts by sharing progress on their goals, weekly circumstances that arose for them that impacted them emotionally, sharing of their Self-reflections from when we last met, and/or thoughts that were remaining challenging for them to navigate through.

I would coach them through my response back to them. Upon their return to the States, we would meet virtually to tie all our communications and the process, together.

Key Advantages

Clients shared several key advantages of using this coaching platform. Primarily, they had a visual, concrete process they could refer to. For them, it was like getting a freebie, two coaching sessions for the price of one. 

The process gave them a personal reference guide.  Clients were better able to see their thoughts and behavioral patterns that would emerge together with coaching strategies and tools they could visually refer back to at any time.  

The Power of Your Written Word

Every coaching client hears me say 3 little words – Write it Down!

Why? Because my primary coaching objective for you is to help you learn to have power over your thoughts, not the other way around.  Capturing your thoughts and writing them down is the first step.

Writing creates a space where you don’t get tongue-tied, you dictate the flow and pace of what you want to say, and how you want to say it. Through writing you can capture what you are thinking on a deeper level and often feel less intimidated in doing so.

If you are a writer by nature like me, this coaching platform is for you.

The Details:

~ 1 initial 50-minute virtual meeting.

~  3 weeks of submitting your weekly Thought Journal.

~  4th week,  a scheduled 50-minute virtual coaching session to tie your months' coaching work up.

The Coaching Structure

~ Our first meeting is virtual through my Doxy.me virtual office. We focus on your goals and begin teaching you the key coaching concepts and tools we will be working with.

~ I provide the initial thought prompts to get you started for your first week's Thought Journal.

~ Each week, for three weeks, you’ll submit your Thought Journal, and I will coach you with my written response sent to you within 48 hours.

~ Brief email check-ins are available as needed.

~ Every 4th week, we will have a scheduled, 1:1 virtual meeting to tie the process and concepts together.

~ At any time, you always have the option to schedule an additional virtual session with me.

Through the tools and strategies learned, the goal is for you to begin acquiring your coaching voice.

Fee - $ 895.00/month