Meet Joanne

Professional Journey
For more than 20 years, I practiced successfully as a licensed psychotherapist.  I became interested in life coaching principles and fundamentals because I recognized the limitations of therapy and the power of facilitating one's personal development through the coaching relationship. In 2006, I started my coach training and certification journey. I am proud to be a member of the International Coaching Federation to include involvement in their Professional Coaching Certification. As a result of my journey and at the core of my coaching mission, not only do I work with career women across the country on empowering the voice of their heart vs. the voice of their critical mind, I also strive to support helping professionals across the wellness industry. In doing so, I help them recognize their own blind spots, coaching them on getting back to basics by being the change they want to make in both their lives and the lives of those they serve. If you want a deeper dive into what I strive to bring into my work with you, I've created my Core Values page that I encourage everyone to do in their work with me.
The Gift of Working With Women
By nature, I am an advocate. I'll take your hand and mentor you and although at times I can be soft spoken, I'm rather directive in my approach which provides just the nudge you need to take those baby steps forward.  I will hold you accountable, I will challenge your thinking about yourself.  Yet through it all, I will be right beside you, supporting you every step of the way. I believe in collaboration and partnership and that you already have within you, your answers. I consider it a gift to help career women and helping professionals get to the core of what's getting them stuck both in their relationships outside of work and within their business, learn how to get out of their own way. I believe that you already have clarity and the courage, for what you want and the direction you want to move into. My work is to help you uncover those blinders that keep you from seeing it and stepping into it. It's time to become reacquainted with what it feels like to be passionate about who you as a woman and as a career-minded business professional as you create your next chapter. Are you a woman who struggles with:
  • Chasing perfectionism.
  • Feeling confident.
  • Feel overworked and stressed compromising the quality of your family/social relationships.
  • Fear, anxiety, and insecurity.
  • A loss of connection, feeling isolated, alone and lonely, even though you have a good circle of friends.
  • You second-guess your decisions, judge your thoughts and procrastinate to move your goals forward.
Do you find yourself thinking:
  •  I don't feel good enough or know enough to step into something new; to create something different in my life.
  •   Who am I now that my kids are grown and have their own lives?
  •   My friend circle has changed, I've changed. How do I, at my age, make new friends?
  •   I used to be so organized, now I don’t know how to structure my day. The tools that used to work for me, don't anymore.
  •   I’ve got goals and plans, but they seem too big to step into. I don’t know where to start and how to make it happen.
The GREAT NEWS is just as bad habits are learned, you can learn new ones. New habits that include CLARITY, COURAGE, AND CONFIDENCE.
Ready for this?:
  • Move self-doubt out of your way.
  • Learn how to stop judging yourself and embrace the mantra that liking yourself is non-negotiable!
  • Think and feel more sure and secure.
  • Experience self-confidence and the ability to see the courage you already have to step into what you envision.
  • Step into the realization that you have the clarity that you need, and now recognize the difference between the voice of your heart vs. the voice of your mind!
  • You have become reacquainted with yourself and found your voice.
I invite you to schedule a 30-minute call with me, my gift to you, to explore the benefits of working together.

I am your advocate and accountability partner that will ask you tough questions. I'll help you see possibilities and opportunities that today, elude you.  I will ask you to commit to some homework but I will be with you, sleeves rolled up, ready to work alongside you, so LET’S DO THIS!  You are here for a reason and what do you have to lose except to be in a different place with your thoughts and with yourself than you’ve been in for far too long.

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It would be my honor to work together with you. Until soon,