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Core Values

Personally and professionally, I have specific core values that I start my day with and hope to practice by – I’m not perfect, no one is and therefore I am a work in progress, but I commit to leading my life each day by these core values and in doing so, bringing them into my work with my clients.

Acknowledging the small steps toward success:

It is important to always find a success within the day, no matter how small. It could even be getting dressed to go to the gym, even if we don’t make it out the door. We are one step closer to our goal.

Practicing Bravery:

Stepping up in moments when you feel overwhelmed or afraid, but instead you choose to respond with brave action.

Embracing Humor:

Allowing the humorous moments in life to give you joy and shift your mood towards positivity and gratitude. Even if you have to look hard to see it.

Authentic presence:

Be true to who you are, not to who you think you should be. There is only 1 you and no one is perfect. Being authentic means being all in for the day.

Practicing Self-Compassion:

Ask yourself, “how would your best friend speak to you, treat you, reinforce you?” and then practice that for the day.

Daily Gratitude:

Start out each day with a gratitude list and give thanks. These gratitudes often go unnoticed but are our gifts.

Thoughts Become Things:

So think the good thoughts!

Writing Your Story:

Our future has not been written yet. The future is tomorrow. Start writing your next chapter. Think it, feel it, visualize it. Practice it.

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