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Know Your Why

The other day I was asked if I would sit for an interview with an aspiring change agent - a young man who was interested in the profession of coaching. I felt honored that he wanted to hear my story and journey from psychotherapy to coaching. 

What followed was asking me "What would be the one thing I would say if speaking to a room full of aspiring change agents?"  This was my reply: 

Know your WHY. Then ask yourself, "What is the WHY behind your WHY? 

For many helping and helping professionals,  it's common to hear any number of variations as their why:

 "I want to help others."

"I want to be of service."

"I want to create change."

"I want to make an impact."

All powerful and honorable "why's".

But the next step is even more important. Peel away another layer and ask yourself what is the "why" behind your why? Why do you want to help others, to make an impact, to be of service? It's important to uncover the ultimate "why" that is driving you toward action.  

~ Is it to fix someone? 

~ Is it to get your point across so that they will change? 

~ Is it to make sure they understand your way of thinking or how you are feeling? 

If you have said yes to any of the above, then what is truly under your "why" is an expectation. 

Can you stand in your "why" and stay out of the results? Stay out of the expectations that you place on (yourself) or someone else. 

Until you can be honest and clear on the "why" behind your "why", the results may not be as initially hoped. 

If you need help getting clear on the why behind your way, I would love for you to take me up on a 20-minute, no-cost-to-you, consultation call. Let's work on your "why" toward clarity.

Why coaching? Because not everyone needs psychotherapy.