Need For a Mind-Shift Tune-Up?

              How much energy have you spent dealing with that pesky critical chatter up in your head that works overtime thanks to your inner critic? She’s constantly throwing you all kinds of thoughts that over time you’ve listened to (and believed in) for far too long. That chatter can start to really do a number on you, holding you back from stepping into an opportunity or creating those changes you want to make.
Notice a pattern in your thinking?:
  • You judge yourself and how you think
  • You feel trapped by self-doubt.
  • You’re worried and anxious.
  • You think that you are faking your way through life.
  • Struggle with setting boundaries because you worry about how others may feel?
  • You over analyze more often than not, keeping you stuck and stagnant.
  • You know what lonely in a crowd feels like.
  • You’ve missed opportunities because you think of yourself as not being good enough.
  • Are you on track personally and professionally?
  • Do you have the clarity needed to execute your action plan?
  • Need some help organizing that plan into doable, successful, bite-sized pieces for the result you want?
Even if you’ve had coaching before, from time to time we all slip into old patterns and habits.   If you are not ready to step into a weekly commitment, I’ve created a one time, coaching tune-up just for you. Bring the vision you want. Don’t have one. Let’s develop it. Your heart knows what you want. It’s your mind getting in your way. Whether it business or personal, I’ll help you uncover the roadblocks that are in the way.
What’s a Coaching Tune-Up look like?
  • It's an 80-minute, action-focused, results driven, coaching call.
  • We’ll meet via Zoom or over the phone (your choice).
  • You'll receive my 40-page Thought Transformation that you will have as a resource, outlining the steps I will take you through on our call.
  • In your inbox you'll receive a written Coaching Call Follow Up, summarizing the highlights of the coaching work we did, the action plan you came up with, the steps outlined to execute your plan toward your goals, together with helpful resources.
As these calls are supercharged 80-minute time slots, they book up fast. Give yourself the gift that truly is long lasting. Step into feeling sure and secure and finally learn how to put that self-doubt of yours to bed.  

Schedule an Appointment

I invite you to schedule a no-cost, 30-minute informational conversation with me to explore the benefits of working together and if this is the right fit for you.