I can help your agency get back on track and feel motivated, passionate and energized to regain momentum and move forward.

Ask yourself:
  • Are you spending more time in meetings with your leadership team without movement being made?
  • Are you continuously having to respond to corrective action plans?
  • Are you unable to see movement within your agency or your senior leadership team in meeting your strategic planning goals?
  • Tired of answering the same questions at your Board of Director's meetings because systems aren't improving? Your productivity and outcomes have decreased or become stagnant?
  • How many times have you asked yourself “why is change not happening?"

Time to bring in a Change Agent.

If you are trying to breath new life into your existing program or improve overall leadership performance it may be time to bring in a consultant that can evaluate your program and/or team from a new and fresh perspective. Is your agency stuck? Have you lost objectivity and perspective on how to get back on course toward meeting your strategic plan?  Over time, this can wreak havoc on an agency’s culture and in doing so a number of consequences exist:
  • Poor productivity, decreasing or stagnant outcomes.
  • Poor communication across department and programs.
  • Employee lethargy.
  • Increase in employee accidents, use of sick time, workman's’ compensation claims and law action.
  • Inefficient use of meetings without adequate follow through.
  • Decrease in staff retention.
  • An increase in supervisor complaints.
  • Poor morale.
  • Stagnant program growth.
  • Difficulty hiring.
If signs are leading to infrastructure stagnation, it may be time to bring in additional supports.  Bringing in a fresh pair of eyes not only provides constructive criticism regarding areas to improve and enhance but equally important is helping you identify your agency’s “wins", areas of strength both within your programming and in your employees that are working! With all the competition in today’s work market, everyone vying for the same agency contracts, staying 3 steps ahead and innovative in order to secure new grants, new funding opportunities, and new donors,  is important now more than ever. With over 2 decades of non-profit child welfare programming, leadership development and team development experience, I can help your agency get back on track and feel motivated, passionate and energized to regain momentum and move forward. Please contact me for a conversation to discuss your specific needs.
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