A 12-week coaching group for women who are inwardly inclined and introverted in nature, looking for community, greater clarity, a bolstering of courage and a shot of confidence Groups meet online to accommodate busy schedules, lives and location challenges OR do you prefer an in-person group experience? I offer a group just for you at my Arcadia office. Want to skip ahead to schedule a time for us to chat one-on-one? Here's the link
Step Into Coaching (because we all don't need therapy)
Women I coach have been challenged with:
  • Self-doubt
  • Loneliness
  • Connection
  • Second -guessing themselves
  • Overthinking
  • Chasing perfectionism
  • A depletion of confidence or thinking they've never had it to begin with.
I Am All About the Outcomes
Women I coach have gone through some amazing aha moments and transformational shifts that allow them to own every part of themselves and recognize that they are enough, exactly as they are. What can this look like?
  • The ability to move out of stagnation, through frustration, and stepping into breakthroughs.
  • A shift from feeling tired overwhelmed and bogged down to feeling relief and seeing tangible possibilities.
  • The confidence to say what you think and say what you feel (without the self-doubt and fear of being judged).
  • More fulfilling relationships.
  • Promotions at work.
  • Renewed confidence to step into your business building goals.
  • Career enhancements.
  • Finally making that big move.
  • Confidence in dating again.
Here's what I know for sure!
  • Being more inwardly inclined with a quiet way of going about things doesn't need fixing.
  • Needing to recharge with some alone time, isn't a problem.
  • Taking your time to think, reflect and get your thoughts in order before you intentionally step into a conversation and let your thoughts known, isn't strange.
It’s time...
  • Be accepted for who you are, not for who you aren’t.
  • Put aside the myth that you’re a wallflower, odd, quirky, strange and need to be fixed.
  • Learn to embrace the quiet power that makes you beautifully fabulous.
  • Step into your quiet voice with having clarity, courage, and confidence.
What's the next step?
I know you want to hear about the group particulars and because I limit the group size to 6, please take a minute to complete the form below so that I can reach out and give you a call (and I'll follow up with an email) so that we can connect and get all your questions answered.

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