Clinical Supervision & Consultation


I focus on creating the healthy balance between you the person and you the therapist in order to bring your best YOU to your clients.

  Being a therapist is a serious commitment and comes with responsibility.  Whether you work independently, within a group practice or within an agency setting, it can be and feel, isolating. I offer clinical supervision to licensed and licensed-eligible clinicians who are looking for clinical supervision that specifically attends to YOU.
What type of supervisees do I typically work with?
    • Interns and therapists who feel their skill development has become stagnant or stifled by the supervision they are currently being offered.
    • Interns and therapists who need and want more than agency focused and driven supervision.
    • Interns and therapists who want to enhance their overall clinical and business development in order to transition away from agency work.
    • Interns and therapists who feel there is more to their clinical development than documentation deadlines, productivity numbers, and meeting outcome data target goals.
    • Interns and therapists who want to get back to understanding the WHY behind why you went into this profession.
    • Interns and therapists who are seeking a Supervisor who works within a strength-based, therapist focused, perspective - because if you can’t see your value, you won’t be able to help your clients see their value.
    • Interns and therapists who want to feel valued as a person who is also a therapist.
Recognizing that you live a busy life, individual supervision and case consultation are offered at my Arcadia office location or through a HIPPA compliant virtual platform.
Individual Supervision
Individual clinical supervision for licensed and licensed eligible therapists is available virtually via a HIPPA compliant platform or at my Arcadia office location.  If you are a post Master's degreed licensed eligible intern working toward your hours, please feel free to ask about my reduced fee time slots.  I am sorry but I do not provide supervision for students who are in the process of earning their Master's Degree. Clinicians, with a MA degree, working toward licensure   -   One (1), 50-minute supervision, once a week, via on-line or at my Arcadia office location.
Case Consultation
Licensed clinicians -   Once a month 60-minute supervision call (please feel free to speak with me if you are looking to meet weekly). For clinician's seeking a one-time case consultation, I offer a 90-minute time slot.
Group Supervision
Our group meets 1 day a month for 2 hours at my Arcadia office. The maximum number of group participants is 6 to allow time for case presentations and to ensure everyone’s needs are addressed. The fees are as follows and are based on the number of group participants involved to bring you some cost savings: 5-6 participants = $95 2-4 participants = $123
Get back to basics. Be the change you want to make in your clients.

I invite you to schedule a 30-minute conversation, no cost to you, to explore if my approach will work for you and you will be a good fit for the group.

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