Walk & Talk Coaching

Simply put - I take you and the art of coaching outdoors. Let’s get you off the chair, away from the computer, off the couch and out of your car.
I believe in the mind-body connection and the importance of a holistic approach to health and wellness. By living in Southern California we are blessed with beautiful weather, practically year round. Living in today’s world we are more than ever functioning within four walls most of our day - our car, home, school, or workplace.
  • Moving your body can open your mind.
  • New sights, new sounds, new directions culminate into a session that can bring about a new perspective about your particular situation.
  • Being outside brings fresh air into our bodies, physiologically relaxes us and allows us to hear old thoughts in new ways.
We are all familiar with the cardiovascular benefits of moving our bodies and the negative effects that sitting for long periods of time has on our mind, body and spirit. Studies have shown for years that exercise in and of itself enhances our mood in the short term with increased serotonin and endorphins, but also combats depression and anxiety in the long term. Sunshine increases our Vitamin D production(which has been nicknamed the "happiness vitamin”). Taking our meetings outside will produce:
  • Increased motivational thinking and action planning.
  • Improved physical, emotional and mental well-being.
  • Problem solving can be enhanced by the physical activity of walking (“thinking on your feet”)
  • Enhanced creativity.

Q & A About Walk & Talk Coaching

Typical locations
For clients that reside in the San Gabriel Valley, typical locations used are the Rose Bowl as well as The Huntington Gardens. Some clients choose a route near their work or home, along their neighborhood streets.
Is this a cardio workout?
No. This is strolling - slow to moderate walking. The emphasis is on the coaching and the walking is a secondary benefit. We walk at your pace. You should not expect an extremely strenuous workout or any sort of personal training. But will you feel better after a 50-minute walk? You bet you will.
Can anyone participate in Walk and Talk Therapy?
Most everyone can participate in Walk and Talk Therapy, as long as there are no medical reasons to prevent someone from walking. Even mothers with infants can participate; they can bring their infant in a stroller while they are in session. But, like any other form of exercise, you should consult with a physician before starting.
Typical times
Your choice, based on availability. Some clients choose to start their work day with a shot of motivation and a clearer Call To Action for themselves setting the tone for their day moving forward. Some choose a time around their lunch hour to boost their afternoon productivity or after work. One of my main goals is to make this as convenient as possible. If getting to your therapy appointment is just another hassle - why do it?
Weather Issues
It is always the client's choice to make the ‘weather call’. But having experienced the walk and talk process, most clients are reluctant to return to an office setting for their session. On that rare occasion that we have a downpour of rain, we can grab an umbrella and soldier on, meet virtually or at my Pasadena office.
What should I wear?
You should come dressed in comfortable clothing and wear shoes for walking.
Respecting your confidentiality is my number 1 requirement and before we venture outdoors, you and I will engage in a conversation of “what if’s” before we venture out. However, Pasadena, for example, is a relatively small community within Los Angeles. It is likely especially at the Rose Bowl that either one of us may run into someone familiar to us. In such a scenario, a gracious and respectful “hello” should be all that is needed as we move on. In the event that one of us is approached in an attempt to engage in a conversation, the expectation would be that we acknowledge the person and respectfully ask if we can get in touch with them later on in the day. We will be just two people walking and talking like everyone else that goes to the Rose Bowl for that reason. I invite you to schedule a no-cost, 30-minute coaching call as my gift to you, to explore the benefits of working together and if this is the right fit for you.
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