Did you buy the winning lottery ticket?

freeimage-3186563-high-1024x682There are quite a few people tonight hurrying to purchase that winning lottery ticket.  Were you one of them?  I was. I bought 20. My mother in Nevada called me to ask if I could buy her some too and we had a blast talking about all we would do with ALL THAT MONEY! Just having that little square ticket in my hand made me skittish. My mind was zooming around more than usual going nuts with all my thoughts of what I would do with all that cash! I didn't even care that half of the loot would go to paying taxes! If you have ever purchased a lottery ticket often the fun is holding that ticket in your hand and immediately and wildly thinking of what you would do if money were no object! We let our minds go wild. No inhibitions. No limiting beliefs are spoiling our fun!  Heck, your imaginative and enthusiastic thinking aren't even questioned!  What a beautiful state of mind to be in. You are loving the feeling~ With your lottery ticket in one hand and a box of kleenex in the other (to wipe the tears of joy), the next morning you excitedly turn on the news and BAM “no winning numbers were drawn” is heard over what seems to be a loud speaker. Your entire body seems to react. Mindy, body and spirit. Here come those limiting beliefs. In a minute, your dreams are dashed. Why do we need a lottery ticket to have those “pre-drawing” feelings or thoughts? What you experienced from the time you purchased that ticket to the time you turned on the news was an exercise in VISUALIZATION, in putting out into the Universe your intentions. You created an end game for yourself and then visualized yourself in it–  seeing yourself in that new car, smelling that new car smell, seeing yourself or family in your new ocean-front home, smelling the sea air, feeling it on your skin or seeing yourself walking into your boss's office, hardly being able to wipe the grin off your face as you give your notice. Here is your call to action for today:   Write your own lottery ticket!   Take out a check. Write in your winning amount PAYABLE TO YOU and sign it - what's your amount?   $1million, $20 million, $100 million?  Write down where you are living with that money. See the house. See the environment around that new home. Smell that new car smell. Envision the expression on your boss' and co-worker's faces when you resign. What are you doing now that money is no object? What’s your claim to fame? Write it down and put it in an envelope.

  • Each day take 5 minutes or less and in a quiet space and open that envelope.
  • Take out that check.
  • SEE yourself as you go through the visualization exercise. Practice feeling each part of it.
  • Practice visualizing it.
  • Take in all the senses that you would feel as you envision yourself "in the money!".

Put those thoughts, feelings and emotions into the Universe. Lastly, and most importantly, take a baby step toward putting your intentions into action.