Permission to step out~

The first day of your new year. Seems like just a few hours ago you set into motion new goals, resolutions, intentions. You may find yourself stepping back into feelings of 2015 that you were hoping you shed with the start of your new year. Why? Because although certain feelings may not feel entirely great, they are familiar. It is what you know "to" feel. Over time you have created feeling habits.  It took you many years to become an expert at feeling the way you do about yourself and that being said will take a wee bit of time to make feeling shifts. If you feel yourself inching into fear, uncertainty, ambivalence (insert your feeling word here) give yourself permission to step out of those feelings for a moment.  Just a moment - you can always step back into it!  Start to practice what it feels like to not be in the feeling. Practice stepping out. Who knows after a while you just may like not being in that feeling and you won't want to step back into them! Come back and comment below to let me know how stepping out has been going and when you are ready to work on the thoughts at the root of those feelings, I would welcome working with you. Until soon, Joanne