Mother's Day

Today we are mindful, perhaps more that any other day during the year, of the wonder and amazement of those we are blessed to call "Mom". Mothers come in all shapes, sizes, and titles. Whether we have been gifted to know them as our birth mother, foster mother, adoptive mother, mentor, special friend, advocate, grandmother, Mr. Mom, or any other significant being that we have been blessed to experience as a "mother'" to us, all had 1 common denominator. They all began visualizing what they saw for our lives and in a moment in time, no matter how brief or longstanding, brought forward their intentional thinking toward the lives they saw us to one day lead. We have all taken various roads, detours, avenues to get to the life we want. In your thankfulness remember that it started with a thought in someone else's heart before it started manifesting in yours. Celebrate who you call "Mom" today and every day.