I am listening to a song by the 70's band, Journey, titled "Don't Stop Believing". I'm realizing that today in my 50's the song represents so much more than it did in my college years. Today I hear it as a mantra to NOT stop believing in all the greatness I have within myself.  In coaching career women, I hear way too often stories they are buying into about themselves in thinking themselves as less than capable or competent in their positions, not (yet) ready to go for that new position that has opened up, not feeling accomplished or successful, feeling inadequate in managing their teams or meeting their numbers. Today I hear that song as a mantra for the choice you and I have to believe differently about the stories the mind has thrown your way for way too long.  So get out your 8-track, your vinyl or I suppose you can use Pandora, Apple music or Spotify, and pull up that tune. Turn up the volume and while you do, I invite you to entertain trying the following for at least 1 day. Just practice what this would feel like and see if it doesn't create the best-freeing feeling for you. Today I give you permission to decide that you choose not to believe the story the mind is telling you that makes you feel: Less than amazing. Less than courageous. Less than empowered. Less than confident. Less than special. Less than worthy. Less than loveable. Less than competent. Less than beautiful. Less than deserving. Less than unique. Less than good enough. Less than the wonderous, intelligent, compassionate, can do anything, powerful, dynamic, engaging and special individual that those who know you know you to be. You can choose to believe whatever you want to believe about yourself right this moment. You just choose. If you are ready to move into a different way of thinking and have 80-minutes, I guarantee it will be a game-changing call for you that will immediately give you at least 1 tool to move you in a different direction with your thinking toward different results. Click here If you want to hear a bit more about what I do, here's some takeaway information. Lastly, what's stopping you for taking me up on a NO COST, 30-MINUTE coaching call? The only thing to lose on it is that thought that's keeping you awake at night!  On the call let's:

  • Help you get started on tackling a challenge you are dealing with;
  • You'll walk away with at least 1 coaching tool and strategy that you can immediately put into action and
  • Let's talk about the benefits of working together.

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    photo credit: Emily  Reider on Unsplash