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What Mirror Are You Looking Through?

Coaching is future-focused. That's one of the main differences between coaching and psychotherapy. Of course, clients will bring up their past. From what happened an hour ago, to a week, month, or years ago. 

The past is critical, vital, and necessary to acknowledge. The past, your past, has contributed to and brought you where you are today. Whether it was good, bad, or ugly, the events and circumstances of your past are all practices for creating your future story. 

On my coaching calls, I always ask the client after they bring up any situation they've encountered:

What do you make it mean?

Are you feeling a lack of confidence? Self-doubt? Is your Inner-critic having a field day over it?

What story are you choosing to tell yourself about it?

How do you want it to impact you? 

What do you want your "take-away" to be from it?

All situations and occurrences are practice for how you choose to position yourself for the possibility and opportunity that is coming your way.

There’s a reason why our cars have a rearview mirror that is smaller than the front windshield which is wider and more expansive. The front windshield allows you to drive ahead into what is waiting ahead of you. The rearview mirror shows you what you are leaving behind. 

Today you get to choose to not be driven by your feelings of past disappointment (or fill in the blank picking a feeling of your choice). Today you get to choose to not have your past be your central focus. 

Unless you step out of yesterday you aren't fully in your today and won't be grounded with your two feet to accept and hold what is yet to come. 

  • Do you have your vision for tomorrow?
  • Where's your focus? Do you tend to glance in the rearview mirror or are you keeping your eyes focused ahead?
  • Do you know where you are driving toward?
  • Do you believe it is possible? 

Why coaching? Because not everyone needs psychotherapy.

Let's talk through it all on a consultation call, my gift to you.