Your authentic Self is talking to you - How are you listening?

It has happened to all of us - how many times have you walked through hours of your day feeling confident, feeling you can conquer anything, no feat is too high to grab hold of - and then it happens. You catch a glimpse of your reflection in a bathroom mirror, storefront or car window, and bam your insides are turned upside down. Suddenly, without missing a beat, you move in for a closer glimpse or worse - you go in for the kill. The kill of your own self-confidence.   Before you can say "boo" you start to pass visual judgment on yourself.  A judgment that is not rooted in fact or reality and most often based on seeing yourself differently than those around you do. But for some reason what you choose to see out of your own eyes can create quite an emotional upheaval. We've all, at least once, no matter what gender, culture or belief system we come from, after seeing our reflection have uttered those 6 harrowing words "is that what I look like?" Why the dramatic reaction you ask? Because just prior to seeing your reflection, you were walking in your world connected to it,  you were present and in the moment with yourself,  your experiences and those around you - in tune with an inner sense of confidence, empowerment, self-worth, gratefulness, pride, love, hope and inspiration - these were unedited thoughts and feelings, without judgment, without question, without (Self) doubt. In those moments what would it be like to stay true to what your inner Self is saying to you - to listen and honor those messages and instead of questioning that which manifests from within, hold it dear and true - and in time your outer reflection in the mirror will follow suit. It is a phrase we hear all too often yet few of us hold on to - that true authentic beauty emulates from within. After all, there are no cosmetic procedures that can alter that! Today, practice listening to your authentic Self speak to you and know you ARE beautiful and amazing in every way.