A Busy Thought

If I had a dollar bill for every time I heard from women I work with utter these three little words, I wouldn't be able to hold all of them with both my hands! What are these 3 words you ask? "I AM BUSY"

I want to feel love in my life and start dating again but I am busy. I want to learn how to kick my habit of self-doubt and replace it with feeling and believing I am deserving of everything I envision for my life but I am busy. I want to stop overthinking everything I decide to do which causes me to stay out of action and stuck, but I am busy. I want to feel less anxious, less overwhelm, less sad, less cut off from my life but I am busy. I want to create a life where I feel passionate about it, know my purpose, where I am actually living my life instead of watching it past by year after year, but I am busy. I want to do away with the idea of not looking forward to what WON'T happen in my future and start to look forward to what the future WILL bring me, but I am busy. Excuse me, but what does "I am busy" actually mean? I've got 3 + 1 steps you can choose to take: Step #1 - Ask yourself what is behind the thought "I am busy". What is it doing FOR you? How is it a way that your Self-doubt or inner critic is keeping you out of action and stuck? Step #2 - Start making a list of what "I am busy" means to you. What does it look like for you? Step #3 - Put it on your "Words to No Longer Use" list (remember that list?) What did those women that I coached exchange their "I am busy" for? Confident action taking, that's what! What did confident action taking look like? An end to approaching their day from fear, from anxiety. An increase in friends. Going after that new job. Stepping into a second career. Looking at themselves in the mirror and actually liking back what they saw. An end to isolating and hiding, making excuses they were busy when asked to join in on a lunch date with friends. Enjoying time with their children without the dread of "I'm not a good enough parent" hanging over them. They were able to experience what JOY feels like. Here is your +4 step. Do away with "I Am Busy" altogether and grab onto accountability, a kick in the pants, a good dose of support, and actual "how to" steps. 5 spots still open for FREE Coaching with me:      http://bit.ly/2GxzagI