Change your thinking to have a better view of your results ~

I had a burst of realization today in preparing for my summer's end vacation, that soon Fall will be upon me, usually signaling, for me,  the start of a busy holiday season and the infamous year's end.  I watched my thoughts quickly move to scanning my year's "To Do" list, to see how far I've come. My habitual thinking kicked in and I immediately, as if on cue, started  to inventory all my To Do tasks, yet to be accomplished , discounting all that I had accomplished.

In realizing that I have a choice as to what I choose to make my thoughts mean, I chose today to re-think my list, to think thoughts of great accomplishments and to relish in all that I have done.  I give appreciation for my small steps that equaled my massive action in having accomplished all that I did - thus far.  After all, this year isn't over yet!

Because I am in charge of how I choose to think, today I am in practice to create my new normal. To recognize immediately my accomplishments and honor those tasks yet completed, that they will get done in my own time.  After all, I have evidence to show I am capable, able and competent to do so.

You are on your own journey, not racing alongside anyone but you.  Take your time, compliment yourself often for the steps forward you are taking, breath deeply and know there isn’t anyone, who does life perfectly.

To Do pic