Feel It, Think It, Do It

Choice In Thinking Is Imperative - But S0 Are Feelings

I've written often about there being two types of people that I coach - Thinkers and Feelers. For the "feelers" out there, this is usually your starting point.  When I talk about all results start with how we choose to think about ourselves, another person or situations, "feelings" are easier for you to tap into.  Today, I am specifically taking a moment to talk to you "thinkers" out there where feeling your emotion is a sticking point - it's a bit more work for you to do. Spending time with your thoughts and how you want to choose to think is imperative, but the same holds true with putting energy into how you "want" to choose to feel and tapping into what that feeling would feel like.  It's time to get reacquainted with feelings that perhaps have been dormant and absent for far too long.

Tapping Into The What

Here are some tried and true ways to tap into some of those less than familiar feelings:

  • Whether it's a favorite TV commercial (don't laugh I know you've cried at some of those greeting card ones),  or
  • A happy dance song that has you jumping up and down in your pj's, or
  • Putting on your best "go to movie" to help access that feeling

It's all AOK, whatever will help. Once you have accessed a taste of that feeling, where it lands in your body, imagining what color it is, envisioning what it may look like if your body went through an X-ray machine, it's time to then close your eyes and dig deep as to what it is you "choose" to think in order to feel that feeling.  Remember to press the delete button on your inner critic that will try and have you question all your new feeling and thought stuff.  Your mind wants to stay in the predictable, the familiar. BUT YOU ARE COURSE  CORRECTING MY FRIEND! You've got the power to think and feel differently now.

Everything Else Follows

The rest is easy. How many times have you had the thought that you look great in that outfit of yours, and immediately you seem to "show up" differently within yourself -  standing a bit taller, shoulders suddenly pulled back, maybe your walk has a bit of swagger to it... Then stay out of the results - that's none of your business! First the feeling and then the vision, launching you into greatness.     Photo credit: Octavia Fossatti on Unsplash