Redefining Failure

Do you have a failure mindset? I remember deciding to finally try one of the many recipes that I have saved from my Foodie magazines. I bought all the ingredients, spent time prepping and followed the instructions to the tee. The dish smelled and looked glorious and I couldn't wait to dig into it. With fork in hand I took a big bite - thankfully I had a big glass of water nearby as it was as if I swallowed half a salt shaker mixed with half a bottle of red hot chili peppers.  It took me several attempts to switch out the measurements until it was how I liked it and whether it was the 1st, 4 or 6th attempt, I didn't see those attempts as failures.  I chose to have a mindset and still do especially in cooking, as seeing things that don't go as planned as a form of practicing, perfecting my skill and craft as a cook. How would you describe your mindset around failure? Why do so many of us have a black and white relationship with success and failure? Can you have success without having failed? Have you ever asked yourself the "why" behind the reason you may stop yourself from starting anything, from stepping into what you really are passionate about doing, from getting out there to create what you want and going after it, all because you may FAIL? Why have you chosen to believe that failure is the other end of success? Could failing and not getting it "right" help you get one step closer to what you do want and toward what you have set out to do? Have you allowed failure to paralyze you? To keep you out of the action you want to take? Remember that staying out of action solves nothing. A problem can only be solved by taking action. It's time to ask yourself why you choose to empower the word failure instead of empowering yourself. Today you are old enough to start redefining what words mean to you versus what someone may have told you. Or believing the story you tell yourself about what failure is. Taking on someone else's belief system and allowing it to disempower you is the real defeat here. The only way you can ultimately succeed is to fail. What's your definition of failure? Maybe today is the day to revisit it and redefine it. Can you see failure in a different way? Without failing you won't know what to do differently and wouldn't you like to know what NOT to do? So START FAILING. Fail every single day until you figure out your road to success. If you are ready to believe that courage and confidence are non-negotiable, I am ready to coach you. Your first step is to schedule your n0-cost, no-obligation coaching consultation. On the call we will:

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