The "I should's" around the need to take massive action.

IMG_2138You may feel somewhat impatient with yourself today and may even be rushing into projects prematurely because you think you "should" be doing.........something.   When one of my clients uses a "should" in their sentence it makes me stop and think about that great disease or (dis-ease) I and others have written about called comparisonitis. Do you walk around with a rule-book on yourself, authored by - yourself?  

Comparing yourself to another is one form of comparisonitis which only leads the road back to comparing yourself to, well....yourself!

Who you think you "should" be. 


How do these "should" thoughts serve you? How do your "should" thoughts leave you feeling? What is usually your end result? 

Are your "should" thoughts delaying your action?  Are you perpetually re-prioritizing your To Do List because y0u have c0me up against another "should"?  And how many times have you revised and edited that list of all the things you think you "should" be doing only to see get longer not shorter!

Chances are you are left feeling less than accomplished, less than productive, simply put, less than.

I stand by my favorite 2 words that have become my main mantra:  BABY STEPS.

Instead of feeling paralyzed by your "should's" how about choosing to feel differently? How would you like to feel? Perhaps changing your thinking is a great place to start.

A word of advice.

There will always be someone ahead of you, in one area but not all. There will always be someone behind you in one area but not all. If you are always looking ahead at someone else or at the person behind you, you miss being YOU. You miss showing up and being in your life.

Being one with yourself and showing up in your life is to be on your own journey.  And in doing so, you can then do away with all those "should's".

Go at your own pace. Identify a doable task. Feel what it's like to cross that off your list. Relish in that feeling. Suffice it to say you will feel motivated to step into another action item to complete. Taking one task at a time, absorbing the feeling of accomplishment will promote your action leading you to your own result.  BABY STEPS ~  Not necessarily on the same day, but staying in action one day at a time will equal massive action!

Keep your eyes on your own finish line.