So What?

I generally spend time in choosing a picture for my blog that speaks to the message I want to convey.  When I came across this giraffe picture I thought it cute. However, I also thought "this has nothing to do with today's message" and then chose to say "SO WHAT!", and chose it anyway.

Swimming in the River of "What if"?

Each week undoubtedly I enter into a conversation with someone who is slowed down, burdened, held back, playing small, because they worry about what others may think. Whether you are the CEO of your family or business, being a career woman in any setting mandates decision making which has that inner critic of yours at the ready to throw you some self-doubting thoughts. Thoughts about how others may react. What others may say.  To swim in the river of "what if" is one heavy and stress producing river to navigate.  Using this picture for example, if I chose to stay long in the river of "what if", chances are it would have been a waste of mental, emotional and physical energy as I bet none of you gave this picture any ounce of energy. The story I could have created would have been just that. Fiction. Today my message is all about saying "So What?" and the freedom that comes from it. ~ So what if the picture doesn't match my message. ~ So what if you don't think this is one darn cute giraffe picture. ~ So what if you don't like giraffes. ~ So what if you think I may be challenged in choosing the best picture for my post. ~ So what if you think this message was a waste of your time to read. So what?  

Dancing to George Michael's "Freedom"

~ There's something liberating, empowering and freeing about making a choice to not care about your thought about me. ~ There's something liberating, empowering and freeing about making a choice to not care about what you choose to do with this message once you read it. ~ There's something liberating, empowering and freeing about making a choice to not care if you disagree with me. Make no mistake that my choice in not caring is not the same as me not loving you, liking you, being grateful for you and owning my responsibility in how I choose to express myself to you, through the choice of words and action. My choice in "not caring" (meaning not thinking myself as responsible for your actions, thoughts, and feelings) has everything to do with me wanting to respect, appreciate, value and honor your choice in thought and feeling about me. So today, I am choosing to say "So What" and make the choice to not make your response/outcome about me.

Up for the Challenge?

Here's the challenge if you're up for it: For today, is there an area in your life that you can practice saying "So What? " to? For today, can you make a choice and decision to let yourself be liberated, empowered and free, even if it's for the smallest of decision or action, in not being hooked by what you "think" other's may feel or decide about you? So what? Today, step into your ultimate power of saying So What and choose not to be held hostage by someone else. I'd love to hear what your "So what" will be. What you are going to practice it on and how it felt for you. So please feel free to email me (you know how I love to hear from you!) Have you been interested in giving coaching a try? This challenge, saying "So What" to an area of life that is keeping you from playing bigger in life, from stepping into that change you know you want to make but have a ton of thoughts that keep you second-guessing yourself, may be the perfect time to step into a NO COST 30-minute coaching call. On the call we will:

    • Help you get started on tackling a challenge you are dealing with;
    • Discuss the benefits of entering into a coaching partnership, and
    • You will walk away with at least 1 coaching tool and strategy that you can immediately put into action!

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Decide ahead of time that you will have a fantastic week ahead.         Photo credit: Gary Bendig om Unsplash