Using the "C" Word

Discomfort within the Comfortable

Coaching is all about afflicting the comfortable. If you are a client of mine, I can see you rolling your eyes through the computer screen, talking to it, "There she goes again with the "comfortable" word". And yes, there's a reason why I am always using the "C" word (Comfortable). When I ask my clients how long they have thought the way they do that has led to a challenge for them, most of the time the answer is "forever". And in telling that to me, as I have said before, thoughts become habitual. We get locked into thought habits - and how is any habit formed?


Repetition then becomes a pattern, which whether it ends up serving you or not, you become used to. You become comfortable with it. And the thought of changing it, DOING THE WORK to un-do, is hard to swallow. It feels uncomfortable. And let's face it, who wants to sit in discomfort? So you go back to doing what you've always have done - thinking those same thoughts that lead you to the result you do not want. And add to it, the desire for immediate gratification. As career women who has time to wait for change to happen? We want to change, the intention and desire are there, but doing the actual work to sit in dis-comfort for more than a nanosecond - that's the kicker.

Divorce Yourself from Comfortable to Step Back Into It

Learning to create a different relationship with feelings is part of what coaching with me is all about. Start paying attention to those feelings and ask yourself what is the "why" behind it. Why am I feeling _____? Write it down. See if you can start seeing your thought patterns.

Your Old School e-Ticket Experience

If you'd like, bring them to a 30-minute call - my gift to you. Change of any kind is married to Uncomfortable (for a second). I guarantee you can undo and create a new comfortable for yourself. Have you been interested in giving coaching a try? Ready to make a change, perhaps you need support in talking the change through? Now's the perfect time to step into a NO COST 30-minute coaching call to gain clarity and start crafting an action plan. On the call we will:

    • Help you get started on tackling a challenge you are dealing with;
    • Discuss the benefits of entering into a coaching partnership, and
    • You will walk away with at least 1 coaching tool and strategy that you can immediately put into action!

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