3 Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt

Self-doubt can be debilitating. It can hold you back from pursuing your dreams and living the life you really want. Self-doubt can also make it hard to complete necessary daily tasks and make simple decisions.

The good news is, it is possible to overcome self-doubt and quiet that negative self-talk. Here’s how:

1. Take Charge Immediately

When inner doubts start to creep up, many people let them spin out of control and fully take over. Once this happens, it’s incredibly difficult to regain control.

It’s important that you take charge immediately and stop the negative talk as soon as it begins. In your mind, speak to yourself and say something like, “No. Nope, we’re not gonna do this.” Should the negative talk start up seconds later, talk to it again and put it in its place. Doing this interrupts your thought patterns – which are basically thought habits – and eventually, your inner self-doubter will realize you’re serious and retreat.

2. Remember, You Can Always Make Adjustments

Many times, people are so fearful of making mistakes, they take no action toward their goal. But reaching a goal should be thought of as going on a wonderful car trip. You have a map and a basic route planned out, but along the journey, you may decide you want to hop off the highway and try a scenic byway instead. You may decide to backtrack and stop at that cute little souvenir shop. Sure, all of these changes to your initial itinerary may add a little time to your trip, but you’ll still get to your destination. And you’ll get there with more photos and T-shirts and wonderful memories!

Trying to plan every single move you will take to get to your goal can be exhausting and impractical. Just take the first step, then another, and then another… and remember, you can always change your mind and adjust along the way.

3. Talk to Someone

How many days, months, or (and I am guessing here) years, have you been entertaining thoughts that have you questioning yourself? Your capabilities?Whether you have what it takes to step into that change you have been wanting to make?  The head chatter can be overwhelming and chances are you aren't sharing how you really feel about yourself with those closest to you.

How old do you need to be to offload it all? I'm here to tell you that you ARE worthy of finding one person, not connected to your inner circle, who will provide you with a time and space, reserved just for you, that you can show up just as you are - no pretenses allowed. Someone that can help you sort out all those messy thoughts and help teach you how to clean them up so you can fully show up to yourself and in your life. And YES, you are deserving of this!

Our work will be action-focused, balanced between talk and tangible "take-away" tools and techniques you can utilize after you leave our calls. By the end of our work each week, you will see yourself as empowered, confident and capable.

I invite you to schedule a no-cost 30-minute call as your first step to explore working together.

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