5 Ways to Raise Your Self-Esteem

Women challenged by low self-esteem has become an epidemic in this country, and one that can challenge our quality of life.  For many, its roots lead back to childhood and like a longstanding feud, its hard to remember the exact origin that brought about all the negative, critical thoughts that spin around in our minds.  After years of thinking the same, less than flattering way about ourselves, those thoughts become "thought habits" that we aren't even mindfully aware of. For many, a challenged self-esteem can lead to feelings that mimic depression and anxiety that we've, over time, learned how to just "deal with". Because low self-esteem is so tightly tied to one's quality of life, learning how to become more aware of those challenging thoughts that are linked to less than daisy-like feelings, is so vital to our overall mind-body-spirit of being. Are you ready for 5 tips to help raise your self-esteem?

  1.  Quiet That Inner Critic

Negative self-talk is a common issue for just about anyone.  If you’re one of those people whose inner critic is constantly bullying you, it’s important you learn how to quiet that voice.

  • The first step is to become aware of what those thoughts actually are. Make a list. Write them all down, no matter how "sad" they may sound to you.
  • Once you do that, the next step is working on asking yourself if you really believe the thought or not. You have that choice!.
  • Then, what would you rather think, if you can think anything at all (because you can!).
  1.  Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Are you one of many who suffers from comparisonitis? We are all so unique. Sadly, instead of celebrating what makes us individuals, many of us spend time comparing ourselves to others. And, should we find we don’t quite measure up to others’ standards, we feel inadequate. Stop comparing yourself to others and instead concentrate on being the best version of you that you can be.

  1.  Give Up the Quest to be Perfect

Being human means being imperfect. We all have flaws, we are all works in progress. And that’s okay. Striving to be something that simply doesn’t exist is futile and exhausting. And before you say that so many celebrities are perfectly beautiful and lead perfect lives, guess again. Hollywood’s A-listers are typically photoshopped and many have been treated for depression and addiction. They are human and struggling like anyone else. Celebrate being "imperfectly perfect".

  1.  Start Loving Your Body

Many people struggle with body image issues. Much of it is because of the photoshopping I just mentioned. It’s hard to love your body when you are expected to look like the people that grace the covers of magazines. Instead of focusing on what your body looks like, on how much you weigh or how big your muscles are, focus on being healthy. Be grateful for your health and make healthy choices so you can always feel good and vibrant.

  1.  Cut Back on Social Media

Social media has its good points, but it can also set unrealistic expectations regarding relationships and lifestyles. It’s important to remember that online, people tend to only post images that make their lives seem awesome. But that’s not always an accurate (or often factual) presentation. Spending too much time looking at other people leading fun lives can lead us to spend less time enjoying our own.

Ready to Ditch The Self-Doubt?

How you feel about yourself is rooted in how you think about yourself. And if you are older than 10, you've been thinking some of the same thoughts over and over again for years, and that's how habits are formed.  And the problem with thoughts habits is they become so automatic, we aren't even mindful of them any longer and jump right over into how we feel. And just like habits, they are hard to break. I work with women like you, challenged with self-doubt, overthinking, overanalyzing and who are tired of chasing the every elusive "perfectionism".  I teach women how to recognize the thinking that contributes to their feeling about themselves and others. If you are ready to say and believe, that liking yourself is non-negotiable, I am ready to coach you. Your first step is to schedule your n0-cost, no-obligation coaching consultation. Liking yourself is a click away! On the call we will:

    • Help you get started on tackling a challenge you are dealing with;
    • Discuss the benefits of working together, and
    • You will walk away with at least 1 coaching tool and strategy that you can immediately put into action!

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