There's a secret that most people have that goes way deep and remains silent. It's a secret that isn't broken because chances are you don't speak about it. To anyone. Only to yourself (thank you critical inner voice!). This secret has to do with your thought about being lovable. I recently received a consultation call and in the box where I ask prospective new clients how does their inner critic show itself, the young woman wrote - "I am not loveable". On the call I let her know that she was born automatically loveable. We all carry the lovable gene. You, I and this young woman, don't have to work at being loveable because we already are. Just because you may not "think" others don't experience you as loveable doesn't mean that this is a fact. That's their issue, not yours. Know yourself as loveable. You just are. Sorry. Just had to tell you that. Knowing that you are already loveable, how does that feel? You don't have to work at it because you already are. What does that feel like? Warm, soft, sunny, fluffy? What color is it? Where does that loveable feeling land in your body? Take it in. Step into it. Bask in it. Feel it. Accept it. YOU ARE LOVEABLE! And so it is.

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