Mirror Mirror on the Wall

That inner critic of yours gets tons of reinforcement when you buy into her thoughts that have you doubt yourself, feeling fear, and anticipating failure. Yet these are all part of the self-improvement, self-development, the process of change and the leap toward greater self-love and acceptance in being imperfectly perfect. DOING and TAKING ACTION, no matter how small the action step is, are ways to push past these blocks. All of your life happenings, your daily challenges, your relationships, your interactions, how you show up,  all are essentially a mirror that reflects your critical thinking, causing you to hesitate, and when doing so, you send a message that you are not ready for the greatness that life can throw your way. Hesitation, however, is not an action it is a feeling. When you feel hesitation, what does that drive you to do? Usually nothing. Usually, hesitation keeps you out of action. It creates inaction. Results, outcomes, do not happen. Things stay the same. Over time if you keep staying out of action, that becomes your familiar "go-to" experience. Are you willing, for today, for the next 5 minutes (no more than that), to take yourself out of the familiar? What would it be like to think that there is a possibility? How would that thought have you feel? From that feeling, would you have the likelihood to step into an action? What would that be? Just for the next 5 minutes (and if you like the feeling from that action, feel free by all means, to spend a bit more time tomorrow!) WOW, the power of thought! You have it! That's amazing. Now go out there and make it a great day for yourself ~