Change Doesn't Happen Staying in Comfortable

If you look back on your life, the significant changes you chose to make most likely came out of some circumstance that required you to make that change. 

For most of us, we may have an idea of exactly what we want to change or an inkling that a change is around the corner for us, but we stay out of action. 

Staying put, staying in place, staying still, staying stuck, doesn't create change.

Staying in comfort for too long causes stagnation.

Let's face it, you have gotten used to being where you are. Although you may not want to stay where you are, it's familiar, it's what you know.

You're an expert at doing familiar really well.

Staying in the comfortable familiar doesn't bring change. 

Staying in the comfortable familiar doesn't take any superpowers, any strength or courage. It doesn't call upon you to play big, it really doesn't call upon you to show up in anyway.

You think that the comfortable familiar keeps you protected but all it does is keep you stagnate.

All it does is keep you the same.

How is your inner critic speaking to you about the change(s) you want to make. What are the thoughts that you are listening to, holding you back. What if you chose to listen to another voice. The voice of your future Self. What would she tell you being three steps ahead of where you are now? Perhaps she is telling you "hey, what took you so long to get here!"?

How wonderful it would be after hard work or risk taking to then be able to fully enjoy the comfort that comes from choosing (baby steps are just fine!) to step out of your comfort zone. After all, what if what you wanted to happen, actually did happen?

Today, what is one small, tiny, "dip-your-toe-into-the-cold-water" action that you can take toward a change you want to make.

        Photo credit: Kelly Sikkema of Unsplash