Don't Panic

Back to Basics

I've gone back to my roots providing mental health services a few days a week in addition to my coaching practice. I primarily work with women spanning the age range from 20 something to 50 something.  Some are CEOs of their families and some are career women with the title of CEO. They all have several challenges in common:

  • Not thinking of themselves as good enough
  • Chasing perfectionism and
  • Anxiety - overbearing to the point for some to have experienced panic attacks.
Anxiety 101
Here is the cliff note version of what I have been talking to them about and thought I would share it with all of you. Chances are you won't be that surprised by what you will read: A. There is a connection between worry and anxiety. B.  We all worry. C.  Worry comes from the negative, critical, doubting thoughts that are going on in the mind. D.  Anxiety is the agitation that rises up in response to the worry. E.  Panic attacks are when the mind starts to get concerned due to all the agitation within you as it senses that something is physically wrong. F.  Panic attacks serve a purpose ~ to protect you. To keep you out and away from whatever situation you are in, causing the agitation. G.  If you start to work on breaking the habit of worry (i.e, the thoughts that are in front of that feeling), you start to break worry, anxiety and panic attacks.
Full Circle Stop
Everything starts with how you choose to think. Keep watch of your thoughts. Write them down. Do the mindset work. Need some help? I've got 30-minutes, my gift to you to get started.Better yet, schedule an 80-minute Tune-Up - Let's attack the worry, attack those thoughts that create the worry and develop an action plan for you to better manage your thinking and your emotional well being!

Decide ahead of time that loving yourself is non-negotiable. Make your new week awesome.   Photo credit: Gerd Altmann on Pixabay