Excuses and Lies and Fears, Oh My!

Our mind is the strongest muscle in our entire body. Our thoughts or I should say watching and managing them, is the greatest workout we do every moment of every day (we should be able to deduct calories spent in doing so, right?) Our thoughts are where everything can start OR if left up to your inner critic, where everything can become stifled. I was thinking the other day about why I was having such a difficult time getting the result I wanted out of a particular situation. In an instant, I had at least 20 sentences that I wrote down, each one of them an excuse. And I could have kept my list going. I thought, "darn, you are really good at coming up with excuses to NOT try, to NOT take any action".

And just like looking at that lottery ticket you just bought in which all the numbers sound like they are the winning numbers, my excuses sounded so logical, so valid, so right! And then I had to remember that an excuse is a thought. An excuse is just a story I (choose) to tell myself to get out of a feeling that I don't want to have, leading to an action I don't want to take. The problem is, my excuse serves me temporarily - my situation is always still there, staring at me. My excuse, my thought, my story I tell myself, is nothing more than a procrastinator, and that doesn't serve me in the end. The good news is my awareness. Now, I am more mindful of what the purpose of my excuse is. Now I give it a nod, honor its existence and press the delete button, staying focused on spending mental energy on staying the course and commitment to myself. Your excuses are just the lies your fears have sold you ~ Robin Sharma