Happy Independence Day

July marks our nation's independence - we delight in celebrating our country's birthday, reflect back on all our accomplishments, feel pride in our country's perseverance and give thanks to and honor those who gave of themselves so our freedoms are maintained. Today is also a reminder and opportunity to be mindful of our own inner independence - the work you have done, of taking a stand over self-doubt, conquering the "what if's" and being victorious over the "I am not good enough's" -  like the battles fought long ago in our country's history, getting to where you are today also took determination, perseverance, courage and strength. Whether getting here today was with the aid and support of many around you, YOU Independently of others, set yourself free by believing in yourself; taking a baby step, keeping sight of the I CAN and maintaining the visualization of your end game. No matter how blurry or at times fleeting that vision was, you kept hold of it! Today, celebrate YOU, celebrate YOUR independence day, thank and give honor to those who you have around you reminding you how special you really are and most importantly enjoy the fireworks marking what is yet to come. Happy Independence Day!