Inner Critic vs. Inner Wisdom

Change is a journey and coaching is a process. When working with clients, I take them through several phases of learning so that ultimately they have the how-to's to coach themselves long after we are done with our call. The first phase is helping them tune into and become aware of the mind and the thoughts that have become habits, thoughts that have become too familiar and their go-to way of thinking. You are probably familiar with them - those critical, self-doubting, second-guessing, judgemental thoughts. The second phase is to help them start to listen to what's on the other end of their neck, what's in their chest or gut, sometimes referred to their inner voice or inner wisdom. It's here in the coaching process where I generally get asked the same question by my clients: "how do I know the difference between the mind and the voice of my inner wisdom?" I thought I would share a snapshot of my answer with you: Inner Critic ~ Not interested in facts or evidence Repeats herself, thinking the same negative thought over and over Focuses on problems Speaks in an anxious/fearful tone of voice Presents thoughts in absolute. No room for negotiation or compromise Inner Wisdom (aka Realistic Thinking) ~ Comes at a circumstance from a place of curiosity Interested in gathering evidence to make an informed decision Looks to solutions Is forward-moving Speaks in a calm voice Speaks from a fundamental place of self-support This week as circumstances arise, pay attention to the voice speaking to you. Because we all deal with familiar thoughts that we have become used to, your inner wisdom may be a fleeting whisper before the mind starts to kick in. Just start to pay attention.

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