Playing Big

What's stopping you from playing BIG? You've got ideas, you have intentions, you have goals and you are even feeling excited to make it all happen. Thinking about your ideas actually stimulates you, motivates you, excited you, encourages you. THAT, MY FRIEND, IS YOUR TRUE INNER WISDOM. THAT, MY FRIEND, IS YOUR CLARITY SPEAKING TO YOU.

SO.... what's stopping you?

It's a thought. Be honest. We all have them. We all have an inner voice that questions our motives, our intentions, even our excitement. We all have the inner voice that challenges a decision we want to make.

Your job is to talk back to that critical inner voice. To set her straight. To let her know, you really don't care about the (negative) "story" she is telling you: "What will people think?" "What if you don't get the response you are hoping for?" "Who are you to throw out your ideas?". Stop the bullying.  Talk back to that inner voice questioning you. Tell her: "Who are you to doubt me?" Tell her, "So what if I don't get a response back!" "So what if someone doesn't like my idea!". If you can have your thought, can't people have theirs?

The real question is, why do YOU care what people think? That's their thought. They are allowed to have it. Don't make it about you.       Photo by Juan Pablo Arenas from Pexels