Sowing Seeds

One of the ways I relax and add comfort and joy into my life is through gardening. I cultivated and nurtured the backyard garden of an old craftsman home I lived in, transitioning it from a plot of dirt to a colorful and fragrant landscape. I never was totally sure who did the nurturing, the garden of me or me of it? Almost a decade ago I made the decision to sell my home and start my journey living in states where I could experience the 4 seasons. I remember when I first experienced the transition that took place in nature.  Coming from Southern California where there is really only 1 season, observing transition and transformation amongst nature when you pay attention to it, is eye-opening. I miss the visual transition and transformation that 4 seasons bring to the landscape of my world. I am amazed at the power of Spring. Starting mid -Fall and throughout Winter, the landscape appears barren, lifeless, drab and as the winter at times drags on longer than usual, one can (think) that this is all there will be. When our trees and flowers go dormant and appear hidden away, a gardener continues to tend the soil, and feed and nurture it with water, fertilizer, mulch. Why? Because she anticipates transition. She anticipates that what she envisions is only in hibernation and will be accessed through patience and staying in action by remaining hopeful. She has thoughts of growth. She envisions new blooms with Spring bringing possibility and opportunities. As the gardener continues to sow new seeds and turn the soil, all the while thinking with anticipation, and envisioning the transition that will come from the drab and weeds, just like that, sprouts life, beauty and new beginnings. Your possibilities are your garden. How are you choosing to tend to it today? "To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow" ~ Audrey Hepburn