Strength in Weakness

During the initial phase of coaching, clients come to their call super focused on how their inner critic speaks to them with thoughts of "You're so stubborn", "You're too shy", "You're too critical", "You're so sensitive". Often our biggest challenge really is our greatest strength. And just as important it is to be mindful of those critical thoughts that try and enter our mind, it's equally important to take a moment to see what is on the other side of what you think is your less than flattering attribute. It may just surprise you. Up for an exercise?

 A Positive Spin

Part 1 - 1. Write your 5 greatest weaknesses 2. Now express them positively For example: Weakness: Stubbornness Positive spin: Determination Part 2 – The Flip Side 3. Now think deeply what your weakness reveals and could teach you. For example: Weakness: Stubbornness Positive spin: Determination Strength: Feeling stubborn reveals to me what it is worth letting go of and what I should hold on to. For example: Weakness: Shy Positive spin: Polite Strength: Feeling shy means I am sensitive and aware of others feelings so I can easily be empathetic and therefore well-liked in social situations. For example: Weakness: Obsessive Positive spin: Focussed Strength: Naturally being obsessive means this tendency can teach me how to determine what's most important and focus on that, to the exclusion of that which is unimportant. What do I always ask you? What do you make it mean? Take a minute, look at those attributes that are creating some challenge, flip it and spend time looking at how the positive side can better serve you.

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Now go out there and make it a great day ~         Photo credit - Jakob Puff on Unsplash. Thank you Harley Storey for sharing A Positive Spin