The Power of Thinking, "What If?"

  img_0336 Have you ever gotten side tracked by your thinking? I was watching my thoughts today, and after realizing I spent the past 2 hours visiting my thoughts of  "I don't think I have what it takes", I decided it was time to move on and think a different thought. One that would give me the kick in the pants to move into my day and not just sit in it. Off I went into the world, doing my various Saturday "To Do's". What started out to be a doubting day, turned out to be one riddled with nuggets of gifted messages. And I was open to seeing them as gifted messages because I decided to allow in new thoughts - even from others. Whether it was at the grocery market, the dry cleaners or at the dog park, I came across several individuals all messaging me with words of affirmations and praise:
  • "I love your hair cut." (I'm thinking that lately my hair and I should get a divorce)
  • "Your skin looks so great." (I've been thinking I need to get some work done on it)
  • "It's been ages since we've seen each other, you look so toned." (I am thinking, where can I fit in 1 more gym hour?)
  • "That's a great dress you are wearing, where did you get it?" (This old thing?)
A pattern seemed to be forming here. Not to be conceited or slightly narcissistic but I had to step back and think, what if? What If? What if I spent time visiting thoughts of how others "see me". How they experience me as showing up in their lives? And never before having described myself as a self-absorbed person  (attributing the term self-absorbed in a negative context that swam in the same pool as egotistical or conceited), I realized that I am after all, self-absorbed! What you ask? As our thoughts are habitual (and I've created quite the habit of having to ward off an influx of self-limiting thoughts over time), I realized too much time was spent in negativity and, for me, I was indeed, self-absorbed. What purpose has that ever served me? I feel awful, I usually remain out of action and my results? ZERO. What to do? There are so many of us that visit for way too long our self-absorbed, negative thinking, that wreaks havoc on our beautiful day off, our relationships, our commitments, goals, and aspirations, all based on what the thoughts (we have chosen, are telling us, and what we have chosen to believe. But what if we are wrong in our thinking? Where is our evidence that has us choosing to hold onto a belief we have in ourselves? The GREAT news is, the beliefs you have chosen to hold onto for ions that may have been rooted in a childhood circumstance, you as an adult today,  get to question those circumstances which probably had nothing to do with you, and therefore, you can choose not to hold on to them. Those gifted messages? Those are the reminders to ourselves that we are good enough and always were. YOU get to go back and look at all those old beliefs, that if you asked yourself "why?" you wouldn't have an answer to. I can hear your bubble saying "It just is something I always thought about myself".  So what? Celebrate YOU in the thought of, what if?  Imagine you didn't have the negative, limiting, self-absorbing, not-serving-any-purpose, thinking. Imagine you knew you were worthy of love, that you are fabulous, that you look beautiful, that you are beautiful, that you feel confident, that you can accomplish the goal you set out to achieve, that you are a wonderful, caring, adoring mother, that you are an awesome friend and the best spouse anyone could want.   That you love yourself and you love your life! You are in charge to debunk those long-standing beliefs and choose to think of yourself the way YOU want to. Isn't that great and powerful? The next time you catch your thought visiting the place of  (insert your limiting thought here), press that delete button. And be mindful of your nuggets of gifted messages that come your way from others. Take a tip from them that perhaps, how they see you may be evidence and live in the "what if".  

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