Time Spent Practicing

Where Does the Time Go?

How much time do you think you spend improving yourself? In what ways do you spend this time on your Self-improvement? Where do you spend this time? Scrolling through your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed doesn't make you better. Eating a box of Sees Nuts & Chews doesn't make you feel better (gosh darn it!) Complaining doesn't make you feel better. Comparing yourself to others doesn't make you feel better. Deciding the work you are doing is too hard and putting a pause on it, won't make you feel better. Buying that new dress or pair of springtime new shoes won't make you feel better.

Practice Makes Perfect

What then? How can you start to feel better? It takes practice. Practice is the key.

  • Practice liking yourself.
  • Practicing not making someone else's words impact you.
  • Practicing a new thought (whether you believe it 100% or not).
  • Making that phone call that you've been putting off because you are fearful to make it. That's a form of practice.
  • Asking someone out for coffee even though you "think" you may get rejected. You are practicing.
  • Practice paying attention to the voice coming from your heart or gut or intuition and risking taking action on the smallest of steps toward following it.
  • Leaving the house even though "you think" you're having an epic bad hair day, and saying "so what!". Practice doing that.
Practice Feeling Differently

These are the true things that you can practice and take action doing that will ultimately have you feeling better. Feeling accomplished. Feeling courageous, Feeling empowered. Feeling confident. Feeling that you are just beautiful the way you are, imperfections and all. Take the time you need to practice the things that will make you better. So what are you practicing getting better at doing or thinking about, today?

How Can You Get Practicing?

If you'd like some clarity on what one thought or action you want to start practicing with the "how-to's" to start, hop on a free call with me and experience what it's like to get some coaching. It may be the best 30-minutes you have spent in a while! On the call we will:

    • Help you get started on tackling a challenge you are dealing with;
    • Discuss the benefits of working together, and
    • You will walk away with at least 1 coaching tool and strategy that you can immediately put into action!

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