What's Your Excuse?

I'm pretty good at coming up with excuses. "This is the best sale ever at this store, they'll never be another one like it so best to buy that dress now" "I ate all the ice cream so that tomorrow when I start my diet, it won't be in the house" "It's raining outside there probably won't be anyone coming to exercise class, I best then stay home". "You are too tired to go out to that social event where there's no one you know attending" "You've had a difficult day, you deserve to have a few drinks" The words I hear sound so convincing. So well thought out.
But then I remember that those excuses (those thoughts) are just that - thoughts. Stories that I tell myself. Just because they sound convincing doesn't make them true or valid.Ask yourself if you like the reason to do or not do something.Most often excuses aren't there to truly help us. We use excuses, tell ourselves stories, to help us avoid an unpleasant, uncomfortable, or unfamiliar, action. They are there to try and get us to do or not do, something. And remember it is our feelings that drive our behavior ( our action or inaction). Next time you find yourself with a thought that's an excuse, talk to it. Let the excuse maker in your mind know that you've got its number. Then stay your course and move forward, pushing that story aside. Now go out there and make it a great day for yourself ~

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