Got Resolutions? Set Intentions Instead

With New Year's Eve over, you may be thinking "now the pressure's on!". What's all the fuss about setting New Year's resolutions anyway? I vote to set Intentions instead. Intentions connote movement and thoughts that are forward focused. Resolutions have a definitive tone to it - you either did or did not, resolve something. One's journey toward change isn't absolute nor is it linear. There isn't a straight line through a change from point A to point B.  Accomplishing something isn't black and white. If you are working on any goal that has to do with your human-ness than you are going to have a lot of grey area. Wiggle room is in order. It's the grey areas where our small steps take us. Those small actions, those small accomplishments, that are easily forgotten and we allow to go unrecognized. But they are the MOST important. It's the small steps that lead us to and over the finish line. Challenged with the same goal year after year? You aren't alone, but most around you probably won't admit it.  It's easy to have that critical voice inside tell you that you (again) didn't succeed, that you weren't good enough or didn't have the wherewithal or dedication. You are lazy.  With those thoughts come all sorts of (awful) feelings and where do those lead you? I'd like to offer you few new thoughts to consider: "I am practicing". "I've got great information due to my imperfections to course correct". "Practice does make perfect and today, I am a lot closer than I was yesterday." "I have the courage, the stamina, the commitment to try again, today." Those my friends are thoughts that a successful person has. Success doesn't come without mistakes. Lots of them.  Sometimes perfecting our mistakes create our greatest success. Here are some examples of intentions that you may want to adopt. Perhaps instead of saying "this year, I will....", can you choose to commit to one day a week?  Get really good at that one day. You can always add another. That is the recipe for building a new habit, successfully.

  • Can you intend to fail yet commit to picking yourself up and regroup?
  • Can you intend to get up each day and show up as your best even when you didn't feel like it?
  • Can you intend this year to let go of excuses?
  • Can you let go of blame?
  • Can you intend this year to practice self-compassion?

Even if it's one day a week, set the intention. Small steps lead to massive action. My wish for you is that you have a year ahead that is less self-critical and more self-accepting of all your imperfections. That you can choose to love you. That you realize you are indeed perfect as you are and that you are good enough.  That you will allow yourself the thought that you are perfectly imperfect. Afterall, It's your own thought that is telling you otherwise! Now go out there and make it a great day for yourself ~ P.S. ~ Do you know of someone who could use some "How-To's" in kicking their inner critic to the curb and start to think differently about themselves? My free e-book is waiting to be downloaded from my website "Five Initial Steps Toward Transforming Your Thoughts".