Mindful Pillow Fights

Pillow Fight Anyone?

How often is your heart and mind in a pillow fight with one another? The heart trying to raise its voice to send you messages of Self-Compassion, Empowerment, Self-support, Courage, and Confidence, shouting out at you that "YES, YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU SET YOUR MIND TO" (think about where that phrase comes from!). The heart speaks every day to you just as the mind does. Often either she's not paid much attention to and if you choose to hear her at all, you decide not to trust her.   Then there's the mind if you don't set her straight, she invites you to complain about what's not working, what you aren't doing, that you aren't good enough, reminds you to judge yourself,  and puts you down. Look at the picture above. Two children going at it, And then... The parent (the adult), comes in and puts a stop to it all.

Parenting 101

The mind can be like a child. It needs supervision. When you let the mind know that you are on to her and put boundaries around what is acceptable thinking, it will listen to you. And if you are consistent with calling her out and reminding her of how you would rather think instead, over time, she'll get the message, and the old thoughts will change. You are creating a new normal.

Switching Out One Habit for A Better One

Just as you taught your children a better habit, a better way of showing up in their lives, just as you have taken up a new habit, maybe through nutrition or exercise, or a new career that serves you better in the long run, you can train your brain to think differently (about YOU). You can train the mind to think differently about You, those around you, situations you find yourself in or those you anticipate coming around the corner. You can decide to delete the old critic message and give a new one to start practicing - to create a new thought habit. What would that look like you ask? You can teach it to focus on what you want, not what the mind suggests. You can teach the mind to think kind and more loving thoughts about you. It starts with noticing your thoughts. Write them down. Decide those thoughts when you see them on paper (as sentences), which you want to keep thinking and which you don't. That's where it starts. That's how you start to change your thinking. Today, supervise the mind a bit more and press the volume button up a notch to listen to your heart. Ready to put an end to those fights going on in your head and keeping you up at night? Step into a no cost, 30-minute call with me. On the call we will:

    • Help you get started on tackling a challenge you are dealing with;
    • Discuss the benefits of working together, and
    • You will walk away with at least 1 coaching tool and strategy that you can immediately put into action!

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If you are looking for a one time, 80-minute coaching experience that is action-driven and laser-focused the 80-minute mind-shift tune-up coaching call is designed just for you, to get you in and out with a clear vision, action plan and how-to steps to get you moving forward. Did you miss Ditch That Inner Mean Girl for the New Year? Replay