Done and Done

The start of a new week is here again. And that's a great thing! Many of you are starting your day, often before your feet even touch the floor in the morning, with the thought "I have so much to do." What feeling rises up with the thought? Dread? Irritability? Dare I say it, overwhelm?

Information Overwhelm

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Hidden Procrastination

That's the action (aka the procrastination) they usually take in an attempt to ward off the thoughts of: "I have so much to do" that quickly leads to, "I don't know enough to do it right", "I don't have enough time, need to learn how to organize, to prioritize", "I'm afraid I won't make my deadlines - again!". "I can't accomplish it all". Their feelings feed their thoughts, riddled with self-doubt by way of taking in more information. More tools. What's the usual, typical result from this pattern that THEY have created? Information overload. Which leads to stagnation, paralyzation. More self-doubting thoughts. And, nothing gets done. They remain unproductive and keep having the thought "I have so much to do." They remain self-saboteurs of their success.

Sound Familiar?

What if you decided to (just for today) break your habit by trying on a different thought: "I have so much to do and I am going to feel accomplished" "I'm going to feel productive." What's the action you would take? Did you know you are in charge of your own definition of what "accomplished" and "productive" means to you? What it looks like, to you? That's power of thought!

Bonus Tip

Break your day down into chunks and decide ahead of time, for the next 30 minutes you will do just 1 thing. 1 thing (and heck, if you then find yourself on a roll and want to take on the next "to do" on your list - go for it!) Action breeds action. DONE AND DONE!

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