Eat Your Spinach!

                          All of us have at least something we were given to eat when we were younger that we resisted. For me, it was that dreaded spinach! Since most of my vegetables were served out of a can, I ran the other way as a child when at dinner time, I heard the sound of the can opener. There weren't enough napkins on my lap to pretend I ate my spinach by hiding it in those napkins, waiting for the opportunity for the dog to come by for his "treat" when my parents weren't looking. As I grew into a young adult, I resisted picking up anything from the produce section of my supermarket that looked at all like a leafy green! On a date, I remember very clearly, being taken to a fancy restaurant where I was ordered a dish that included, of all things, spinach. I thought I was going to die, how would I possibly get through dinner just knowing I would hate that dish (and I really liked my date!). I decided (I chose to) change my thought. I decided (I chose to) have an open mind. I decided (I chose to think) that this would be an opportunity to practice liking something (that history told me, I wouldn't). You know what? I not only liked it, I loved it. Today, one of my all-time, go-to side dishes that I love to cook is my sautéed spinach with crispy shallots and garlic. YUM! Choosing to practice a new way of thinking about ourselves is similar to learning to like something. It is often an acquired taste. Practice makes perfect. Soon we forget our "old" way of thinking as our new way of thinking becomes our new normal. Today, ask yourself how your inner critic is talking to you. Decide today, if her chatter is serving you in a good way. If not, practice thinking otherwise. If, knowing that you could choose any great thought about yourself, what would that one thought be? Today, practice thinking that one thought. You don't have to 100% believe it. Just practice thinking it. By doing so, you may just learn to love what's GOOD for you! Now go out and make it a great day! P.S. Are you coming?