I'm Not Ready Yet

Have you heard it?

That voice within you that interrupts the vision you have in your mind of what you want to accomplish? The change you want to make? That new decision you have gone round and round in making and finally you have the clarity to make it? Have you heard that inner voice creep up and push to the front of the line of all the other thoughts you have going on in that head of yours, screaming for you to say "I'm not ready yet"? Yes, I know what you are dying to tell me. But Joanne I just have to lose that last 5 pounds, or I need to listen to just one more podcast, or I just need to make a bit more money, or I need to wait until my last child moves out. How many years have you been waiting for yourself to be ready?  How's your way of thinking serving you? You've bought into your stories and you've done a good job talking yourself OUT of action. And while you've done a great job believing the stories you've told yourself keeping you out of action, while you are waiting to be smart enough, skilled enough, financially secure enough, time has been moving forward and so has everyone else around you. Successful people, if you've listened to them, have started many times. Not stopped, but started. Here's my offer to you. I offer you up a new thought to try on: I am today, ready to take action. I am imperfectly perfect and ready to learn what I need to know in the "doing" of what I want to try. I am ready, today, to believe that I have everything that I need to know today, within me.

Up for an exercise?

For those of you who hear that inner voice tell you that you aren't ready, but you aren't knowing what you are needing, here's an exercise. Ask yourself what's the one thing you've been putting off. Then ask yourself the following: To think of myself as ready to take on ____________  and I think that I need:

  • expertise
  • experience
  • practice
  • mentors
  • money
  • time
  • maturity
  • experimentation
  • ___________ (add any other factors to this list)

Then ask yourself if this is really true and if so, what's your action plan to obtain it. EVERYTHING starts with action.