How often have you been stuck in the sea of indecisiveness? You go nowhere, nothing gets settled or accomplished, and you slip further down your rabbit hole because you are putting too much mental energy into the nuts and bolts of what you want, you become paralyzed. You stay stuck in indecision, a feeling that leads to inaction. Whether you are the CEO of your family, your company or a career woman working in someone else's business, most often the result of indecision is preceded by a thought that falls under the "I'm not good enough, smart enough, I don't know what I am talking about, what will people think about me" bucket. If you ask your heart that gives you answers vs. the mind (that gives you thoughts), your heart most usually will tell you the story you are addicted to telling yourself, isn't true. Zero truth in the words. Zero fact. Your story is fiction based on your assumption (or the story that someone else has told you!). Yes, it takes some discomfort to want to prove it wrong. The best way to work on that is by taking small steps of action. By doing. The best way to handle being in this river and we have all visited it is to keep doing what you have been doing. The action of doing. What I do know is you can dream and think and ponder and wonder and want and wish, all day long. But it is through the channel of taking action, even if the mind isn't entirely on board (yet), that creates the shift. You can be 100% sure that with not doing anything, remaining in the state of inaction, nothing will change except time. So, just for today, stop trying to decide and start doing. Do something. Take some form of action. Even if its the same action you took yesterday. Keep your body moving. If you are ready to explore what action you can take, what thought may be keeping you from taking that action, or clarity in what area in life is calling to you to create a change, click the button below and bring it all to a complimentary call. On the call we will:

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