Lilies and Lily Pads

I always find it interesting when I see someone get stuck on a word or question but once they take a moment and talk it through, the clarity surfaces. That’s because they already have clarity. It gets bogged down and covered up by all the thoughts that keep them stuck. Envision a water lily. They are beautiful and majestic. They grow in mud. They grow in waters that look cloudy and murky. And somehow a beautiful lily bud starts to form and has its transformation. The transformation is your clarity. You have it. It’s under the muck and mud and sometimes ugliness that lies deep within you. Yet, just like the lily, you thrive and blossom and bloom into a beautiful flower that floats on a lush green pad, supporting your majesty. Confidence and courage is your lily pad. Make it a great week ahead. Until soon Joanne

Your past does not define you. Your story isn't finished. You have more to write. You are the author of your future's story. ~ Dr. Joanne Royer