No Guarantees

          I coach primarily woman. I've been grateful for a number of recent men (yes, they get stuck in doubting themselves too) who bring to my coaching experience their vantage point on when life throws them challenges. Recently one of my male clients posed a question to me of being guaranteed to have an outcome. He is a senior level manager for a well-known company and is tasked to pitch a sales campaign. He wanted a guarantee that everyone in the meeting would respond favorably to the pitch. Could he be guaranteed that there would be no naysayers? The short answer - NO. There are no guarantees. This was a great opportunity to look at his thought that was behind it. "What if there are naysayers?" On the call, we did a bit of deeper work and what he uncovered was his thought of scarcity. What did scarcity look like for him? It's not any different than for any of you that have started coaching with me: ~ If they don't like my idea, it has to do with me. I pitched the idea wrong. I wasn't clear enough. ~ Maybe I really don't know enough to have had a successful pitch. ~ With not everyone agreeing with my pitch idea, it proves I need to work harder. ~ I'm worried that if not everyone agrees with my pitch, I'll finally get found out that I've been faking it all along. OH MY~ how's that for the mind throwing some whammies at you! On the call, I asked some questions which led him to decide he wanted to be free from his negativity. I offered him a new thought to consider. ~ What if he knew ahead of time there was going to be at least one naysayer and that's his guarantee? ~ What if he did everything he wanted and in the way he wanted in delivering his pitch and knew ahead of time that there will never be 100% agreement or approval?    If he wanted to be free from the feeling of negativity, HOW would he like to show up feeling? He has control over that. We all deal with similar issues every day like these. So here's my question to all of you: What's the feeling you'd deliberately like to feel going into

  • that meeting,
  • that interview,
  • that presentation,
  • that business event,
  • that competition,
  • that date,
  • that conversation with your loved one you've been putting off,
  • that networking event, knowing ahead of time that you are guaranteed to be rejected by at least one person and/or the outcome may not turn out as you hope?

Knowing ahead of time that you are GUARANTEED that at least 1 person will not be on board with you in their response, in their action, that their thinking will not be aligned with yours, that is the ultimate freedom from the result. If you are tired of being stuck in self-doubt and the power it has had in stepping into new opportunities or creating that change you know you need, if you are ready to say "liking myself is non-negotiable",  schedule 30-minutes with me at NO COST. My gift to you. You will feel a bit freer than you do now. On the call we will:

  • Help you get started on tackling a challenge you are dealing with;
  • You'll walk away with at least 1 coaching tool and strategy that you can immediately put into action and
  • Let's talk about the benefits of working together.

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        Photo by Alejandro Alvarez on Unsplash