Out of the Mouth of Babes

If you have children or have the pleasure of interacting with them you know there was a reason why someone coined the phrase "Kids say the darndest things" (perhaps I'm dating myself on that one!). Children are the original straight shooter - their beautiful innocence motivates them to tell it like it is. Throughout the course of my professional career, I have been blessed to have received wonderful accolades from clients, co-workers, and colleagues. I have great friends and family who remind of how wonderful I am. And sometimes, even out of the blue, as my self-esteem is at its low, I'll get a "God shot", a stranger will throw out a compliment to me. In the past, I would usually say a polite "thank you" yet the praise, their compliment, would be felt only on the surface. Why? Because before you could blink an eye my critical and self-doubting thoughts would be all over that compliment, questioning the validity of it. I couldn't take it in. I couldn't get rid of the question mark that I would add onto their compliment. The other day I was sitting at the park taking a much-needed break from the day. A basketball rolled next to me and a little boy ran up to retrieve it, his older brother in tow. Upon retrieving the ball he turned around to go back to his game, saying to his brother - that lady is beautiful. What if my choice in thinking about myself isn't true? What if I am beautiful. What if I am accomplished. What if I am an amazing woman. What if my thoughts that I have (habitually) thought about myself are the lie? Today's challenge is to take away the question mark that always seems to follow when you receive a compliment of any sort. Person says:                                 "You are beautiful" Your typical thought:                  "Am I beautiful?"   No. Your new normal thought:        "I am beautiful"  Thank you! Now go out and make it a great day! Until soon, Joanne P.S. For those of you who love to journal, perhaps feel you express yourself on a deeper level through writing vs. verbal self-expression, I have a new program just for you. Details coming, but if you need to know what it is now, I'd love to tell you as I have just a handful of spots available. Just email me drjoanne@joanneroyerphd.com       Photo Credits to - Nicole Adams, Unsplash