Power in Making a Decision

The Spin Cycle is Real

How often do you find yourself at a crossroads trying to answer the question "Should I or shouldn't I?" It's crazy making. It's anxiety producing. It's frustrating. It's irritating. It can be unbearable. It is exhausting. Indecision takes so much mental energy that could wipe you out for an entire day if you allowed it to and probably energy that could be better served elsewhere. Make the decision. End the agony. Be clean about it. Be resolved. Take responsibility and step into action. Decision making is an action. Indecision is inaction.

The Easiest Way to Empower Yourself

Power comes from taking action and stepping into a decision. Your life can only move forward if you choose to make a decision. It's not about right or wrong. It really isn't. If the decision you step into is right - fantastic. If the decision you step into is wrong - lesson learned. You'll get a do-over in some form and you will that much wiser about it.

Right or Wrong?:

Let me leave you with this: Sometimes what appears to be the "right" decision, down the line, wasn't. Sometimes what appears to be the "wrong" decision, down the line, wasn't Make the decision. And stay out of the results.

Time to End the Merry-Go-Round

Does your mind have you stuck in indecision? Caught up in second-guessing yourself? Overthinking it? Looking for that perfect decision? Are your thoughts keeping you up at night? I've got a 30-minutes as my gift to you.  Stop holding yourself back and step into action.

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    Photo credit by Jens Lelie on Unsplash