Purposeful Work

It is easy to lose our "why" behind the choices we make. When we can be mindful of our "why" we have the ability to understand why we do what we do, leading way to greater perspective.  We can easily get lost in the circumstances and come up with a convenient story to tell ourselves about the "why" behind staying in a toxic job, remaining in an outgrown relationship or feeling stuck in a city, causing us to stray away from our original purpose in being there. We can get so committed in the stories we tell ourselves that we lose sight of what we really wanted to achieve in the first place.  Our stories you ask? Those are the thoughts we (choose) to have connected to the situation or circumstance we find ourselves in. Our thoughts lead to our feelings that then lead to some type of action (or inaction), creating our end result. For many of us, the end result is being stuck or stagnant.

Ask yourself, are my thoughts serving me?

Here is a tip - if your end result repeatedly remains the same, i.e., you are still in that toxic job; you remain in a relationship that you've known for some time isn't feeding your soul, if the city you are living in has become too big or too small, then the answer is "NO" - your thoughts (those stories in your head) are NOT serving you.

What is a girl to do?

Consciously considering the reasons why you choose to be in the situation you find yourself in, allows you to become more aware of what you are doing.  Does it match your "why"? Then you can decide whether you are truly working with purpose, or simply just working. If you are working with purpose, high five yourself. Next, how do you want to take your results to the next level? How can you turn your purpose up a notch? If you are simply just working - the good news is the majority of us are. Unless from time to time, you re-assess your "why". Ask yourself, what is the end result want.

  • If you can already have it, what would it be?
  • And if you can already have the thoughts you need to set your movement forward, what would they be?

You choose your thinking. You choose your feeling and from there, your action steps begin toward attaining the results you want. It is already in place. All that is left is a new way of thinking. Take a moment today and ask yourself if you feel aligned with your purpose, your "why".  If you need someone to help flush this out with you, I'm here!  


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